Be a book reviewer- be a superhero

Be a book reviewer- be a superhero

Books are man’s best friend. They are portable magic that let you travel without feet. They let you dream with your eyes open. A good book can steal away all your loneliness; can change your life forever. But how to choose a good book amongst the multitude of books that are available in the market? How to choose a book that suits your needs, a book that instantly boosts your spirits in your lowest moments? Here’s where reviews come as a savior. Reading reviews and opinie google in return about something you read can be the best help towards the reading community.

Hard copy vs. e-books

If you ask someone who grew up in and before 2000, he will tell you how wonderful it is a feeling to hold a book in one’s hands, indulge into the fragrance of a new book, or that nostalgic emotion that crosses the mind when you find a dry flower in between the pages of an old book. But ask the generation Y and you will get a univocal answer of Kindle e-books being the best option. The new generation doesn’t believe in toiling hard by flipping through books to gather information, rather it resorts to Google for all information in a single click. Whether or what is better is a never-ending debate. But what is undeniable is that best of both versions can only be drenched when they have been reviewed well.

google opinie

Google Books

Google Books (earlier name Google Book Search) is a service that deals with full texts of books and magazines.

The books that are found through this service are put by the authors and the publishers themselves.

A large number of texts have been scanned from the original and converted into text that can be accessed online.

Every book via this service allows adding reviews and offers good reviews which help the reader to choose from the myriad number of books available.

Kindle Books

Kindle has become the most popular way of reading in recent days. It is widely known as an e-book that gives you access to a number of books at a time. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the light that is a mandatory element while reading a physical book. Even Amazon has tied up with Kindle to provide many books to the readers for free. Although Kindle is a personal belonging, quite different from Google Books that is public, it still offers you a platform where you can add your reviews expressing your opinions about the book.

A good reviewof a book expresses the whole gist of the book in a few words. A reviewer’s job is as important as the job of the author. The author presents his views about a subject, and a reviewer submits his views on that view. Thus a reviewer’s job is more difficult as he shoulders the responsibility to make or break the image of an author as well as helps other readers choose amongst the best. So, add a good review and be a superhero to someone.