How can there be an improvement in Pledge Management?

Well, in today’s times nothing is impossible because we live in the age of the internet where technology has made great advancement. Have you wondered if pledge management could be a burden to your organization and what can you actually do about it?

This pledge management is basically a database that will let your organization to maintain a report and good track on the information that is stated below which will include:

  • Documentation and pictures: this is basically the management which has the ability to open and then view all the documents and the pictures which have been stored for various types of records.
  • The contact information: this gives an ability to generate the mailing phone and lists of emails which includes good support for Microsoft Outlook as well.
  • Donation management: this will include the tracking of all the donations that are usually done online for some particular pledges with donations that recur from different campaigns and also offline or even donations that are done directly.

pledge installments

Is pledge management tough?

Dealing with a change in plans is quite important to the pledge management. This actually tends to be an issue for most of the donor management systems since the pledge installments are being recorded as the payments that need to be made in the future.

Well, based on the methodology that you have for your accounting you can take these pledge installments into revenue as soon as the donor makes his or her commitment. Now the problem that is created is that when the donors make some changes regarding the allocation, time, date or even the payment then it is important that the record must be deleted and replaced. Also, it is important to keep your financial system updated. Sometimes this can also get out of hand based on the size of the organization that you own and the volume of payments that are being received by you.

Some more details on pledge management:

Well, if you are not very aware then you need to know that the educational institutions also depend on pledges as a source of their ongoing raising of the funds. But there have been times that once the donor agrees to pledge in some particular amount for the number of years that are mentioned, there is a high possibility for plans to change. But with the functionality of the pledge management, you can edit and update the details of the pledge for each of the payments that are made.