Expert Cleaners, Extraordinary Cleanliness

Expert Cleaners, Extraordinary Cleanliness

When it comes to getting your house cleaned by professionals, nothing beats the quality service provided by Homejoy. The certified cleaners of Homejoy, with their hawk eyes to spot a speck of dirt, their deft hands to work on it and their reliable and efficient instruments to help them do their job are naturally the best in the field of cleaning. There are various services provided by Homejoy to ensure that they leave their clients happy and in a much cleaner home. The services of Homejoy are suited for every class of society, from the elites to the middle-class, and every time, a client is assured of extraordinary services. Some of the services provided by Homejoy are listed herewith.

Bedrooms and Common Areas:

The extremely efficient and certified professionals of Homejoy can do wonders for your bedrooms and common areas. Their services in this category includes dusting all reachable surfaces, wiping door handles, light switches and floor baseboards, washing mirrors and other materials made of glass, vacuuming and moping the floors, and disposal of trash which is later recycled by them. These professionals of Homejoy are extremely keen on details when it comes to doing their job right. The result is a meticulously clean bedroom where you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.


A bathroom needs regular cleaning as it’s very important to maintain proper hygiene in a household. But if you leave your bathroom in the hands of Homejoy cleaners, you will have no reason to complain. The bathroom service includes dusting and wiping all reachable areas, sanitizing toilets, showers and sinks, wiping door handles, light switches, mirrors and glass fixtures, vacuuming and mopping floors and disposal of trash. Once they are done with their job, you will be amazed at the sparkling and clean bathroom that you would not have imagined was possible before you called them.

Kitchen Services:

A kitchen is one place which gets the dirtiest as it’s always full of activity. Most of the activities pertaining to running a household take place in the kitchen. So, naturally, this area deserves the utmost attention and care when it comes to cleaning. The professionals from Homejoy take care of that for you. The kitchen service includes dusting and wiping all reachable surfaces, wiping all the cabinet faces and appliances, washing dishes and sinks, a thorough cleaning of your microwave, vacuuming and mopping all floors and disposal of garbage. A pristine kitchen looks inviting to the entire household and in most cases, makes the lady of the house proud and ecstatic about her domain.

Additional services:

In addition to all the services mentioned above, Homejoy also provides other services which are necessary for a basic household. Some of the additional services are listed below.

Laundry Service:

The Homejoy professionals are also trained to take care of your laundry. You can rely on them to get your garments and linens laundered and you can expect to find them neatly folded and in their place when they are done with their job. This service is extremely useful for people who live alone and lead a busy life. For them, laundry is always a woeful and indispensable task which is always delayed until it cannot be ignored any longer. With Homejoy, you can bid farewell to your laundry woes.

Windows Cleaning:

Even though cleaning a window is not very difficult, maintaining its cleanliness is not everybody’s cup of tea. The difference between a clean window and a sparkling window is too obvious to overlook. At times, we do experience the view of a blurry world and complain about it, only to realize later that it’s not the outside world that needs cleaning, it was our window instead which subjected us to a blurred vision. If you have a large and airy living room with those huge windows, and you’re not able to pull yourself up to clean them, do not despair and leave it in the hands of Homejoy cleaners. They clean your windows from the exterior and interior so they remain spotless and you get to enjoy an unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Refrigerator and Oven Cleaning:

We must admit that we use our appliances more often than we ever clean them. This is the reason why most of our appliances lose their initial sheen. The Homejoy cleaners are trained to clean these appliances thoroughly from the inside and the outside to leave them spotlessly clean and shining like a newly purchased item.