The ultimate guide to wear blue suit combinations

The ultimate guide to wear blue suit combinations

With the right choice of suit color combinations for men, anyone can appear stylish, coordinated and cool. Whether a formal office function or casual get together, color is an important factor to consider. Here’s a perfect help to navigate and pick a classic piece of cloth that’s suitable for all events.

Pink for women and blue for men

At least 8 out of 10 men love blue. It’s one particular color that works with your style statement. If you are among others who aren’t sure about the suit color combinations, this guide will help you to dress up in a contemporary style because blue is the new black. Whether it’s summer or winter, casual or formal, blue suits are perfect. They are creative and trendy!

grey suit styles

Blue suit stands out

Don’t mistake blue with black! Blue is contemporary, it’s bold and beautiful! The color conveniently blends with all skin tone and gives a sophisticated look. And the blue color combinations have been around for quite some time. Building your wardrobe with beautiful shades of blues is, of course, a valuable investment. Pull off a great look with our tips on suit color combinations for men.

What’s your favorite combo?

White shirt and blue suit

White and blue are supreme combinations! Dark blue suit and white shirt would be a perfect pick for offices and a sunny day. Reach out for red, blue, black or burgundy tie for the perfect combination. For a casual look, put on a casual white shirt or t-shirt. Geometric designs and patterns give a contemporary look!

Pink shirt and blue suit

Add an element of romance, love,and playfulness to your attire by wearing a blue suit with a pink shirt. You can also opt for beige, lighter shades of white, grey and blue.

Tie combination

The tie is an essential men’s wear. A casual or a formal look is incomplete without a tie!

  • Pink – A pop of pink can always do wonders to the blue suit. It enhances your overall appearance. It’s a sedating combination that’s little bright too.
  • Red – Not everyone loves this combination but a pair of dark blue suit, smart trousers,and red tie will make one look successful.
  • Black–Black is beautiful, it will add shine, it will add beauty and a lot of boldness to the attire.
  • Blue – Blue tie is the best combination for a blue

Blue combination is common and if you know the best combinations, you can create a crisp and clear statement!