Common problems of a car engine

Common problems of a car engine

Buying used cars can be considered a wise option if you can get a good deal. It can save you a few bucks for an almost brand new car. If buying from a dependable source, then you can be sure that the car is well inspected. However, you can never be exactly sure until you perform your own tests. There are various problems which only a car mechanic can find out and repair it. You can purchase good condition cars from mike’s auto sales in Salinas.

The heart of a car is the engine. Any fault in the engine can stop the car from running. There are some problems which are common in most of the car’s engines and you can easily notice them. Here are some of the common problems and their solution.

Sludgy Transmission

The transmission system of your car become sticky due to the shifting of the gears for a very long time. Due to this, it can be hard to change gears and it may even stick at times. If you find any of these signs, this means that your transmission system is getting sludgy and worn out. The main reason behind this is the transmission fluid which gets dirty if it is not replaced regularly. This problem should be addressed immediately which would reduce the cost of repairing. The best way to maintain it is to replace the transmission fluid with a new one. You can also add additive which can remove the sludge during its working.

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Worn Out Belts and Hoses

The components of the engine system which are made up of plastic and rubber get damaged due to the frequent change of temperature and other factors. Components like belts and hoses are most affected due to this. These can be repaired by a professional mechanic and early detection of the problems can save the engine from further damage.


Old engines which have been running from a long time can develop holes and cracks which can cause leaking from the engine. This can be very harmful to the performance of the engine. You can easily notice these leaks by looking under the vehicles where you will find oil puddles collecting in particular place when the car is kept idle for sometime. Regular checkups can avoid such problems and repair can be done immediately.


These are some of the common faults and nothing too serious to be worried about. However, if proper care is not taken, these problems can turn out to be a very big problem.